Friday, July 22, 2011

Ode to the Flower Song

The Flower Tree

Begin the song in pleasure, singer, enjoy, give

pleasure to all, even to Life Giver. Yyeo ayahui


Delight, for Life Giver adorns us. All the flower

bracelets, your flowers, are dancing. Our songs

are strewn in this jewel house, this golden

house. The flower tree grows and shakes,

already it scatters. the quetzal breathes honey,

the golden flamingo breathes honey. Ohuaya,


You have transformed into a flower tree, you

have emerged, you bend and scatter. You have

appeared before god's face as multicolored

flowers. Ohuaya, ohuaya.

Live here on Earth, blossom! As you move and

shake, flowers fall. my flowers are eternal, my

songs are forever: I raise them: I, a singer. I

scatter them, I spill them, the flowers become

gold: they are carried inside the golden place.

Ohuaya, ohuaya.

Flowers of raven, you scatter, you let

them fall in the house of flowers. Ohuaya,


Ah, yes: I am happy, I prince Nezahualcoyoti,

gathering jewels, wide plumes of quetzal, I

contemplate the faces of jades: they are the

princes! I gaze into the face of eagles and

jaguars, and behold the faces of jades and

jewels! Ohuaya, ohuaya.

We will pass away. I Nezahualcoyoti, say,

enjoy! Do we really live on earth? Ohuaya,


Not forever on earth, only a brief time here! Even

jades fracture; even gold ruptures, even quetzal

plumes tear: Not forever on earth: only a brief

time here! Ohuaya, ohuaya.

Hungry Coyote