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Monday, May 17, 2010

Floating High on Blue Mesa

from the series "When Poppa brought the Rain Home"

Floating High on Blue Mesa
12" by 20"
This perspective is a little different.
I suppose it's an introspective angle.
There is the feeling for me that the world is still,
but sloshing.
As Poppa's rain cloud rolls over the top of a distant Mesa.
Burrow stands watch.
Red book in hand.

Monday, May 10, 2010


the spiral

After being lost for 30 some years
This painting came back to us this week-end.
It's a long story.
The interesting part to me is what was written on it's back side--
Pink Ribbons for Anny 1975 Carter Holman.
Roxanne's (Anny we called her then) birthday is in a few days.
She was 3 years old when the painting was painted.

Our Dillon and Roxanne's picture taken about that time.
And here's Roxanne's Max and Kat today.
Kat's favorite color is Pink!
I can't remember Roxanne being excited about any color-
except black in her Goth period,
but there must have been something
because the ribbons were Pink! for her.

Time in a spiral.
The same, but not.
Happy Birthday Roxanne!