The Carter Holman Blog

Friday, June 18, 2010

Coming to the Front

Coming to the Front Side
I was trying to think of a way to describe the waiting period
when it feels like nothing is happening.
That is where I have been lately--
in a holding pattern.
Like when you are sewing--making a regular running stitch.
You can't see that stitch on the back. You only see the one on the top.
But the bottom one is necessary to hold it all together.
There seems to be a natural desire to go right into something new
at the end of one adventure--
instead of giving a space to digest and experience.
Sometimes For me I need that space just to figure out what is going on.
Oh, the needle and thread go from the top
down and under
Here I am--interesting
a pause(you never know how long that pause will be)
and now up to the top--
Great, Everything looks better.
Now I see where I'm headed.
In and out
back and forth
happy sad.