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Monday, March 21, 2011

Litchfield Park spring festival

For several years now the festival has made a poster using one of my images.
The profits go to fund the library. I like that.
On the two days of the show I sign posters as they are sold
just over on the corner from our spot.
It is fun for me to meet and speak with so many different ladies
and gentlemen that like my work.
There are some several that collect these festival posters.
It's fun to hear their stories.
I appreciate seeing also that these images can be appreciated in many different
ways. One lady wanted to know what was the meaning behind the gold fish.
I appreciated the question because it brought out something in me
I hadn't put words to.
Looking at the swirling gold fish ---And thinking
When I was a little girl (sometime before grade school)
I often visited with my Great Grandmother
and Great Grandfather. I loved everything about them.
Grandma Carter had a friend down the street named Mrs. Cloud
and we would visit her from time to time.
My favorite thing about Mrs. Cloud's yard,
besides the painted concrete ducks in the front,
was in her back yard which was so shady with trees that it seemed dark.
She had made a gold fish pool from
what I imagine now was a 5 gallon bucket
buried in the ground with just a couple of inches of the can showing.
I guess that I have always looked to see how things are made
how they fit together.
I remember standing over the pool for the first time.
It was the greatest thing ever.
Later on when I was in grade school I had my own pool--
a gold fish bowl in the kitchen.
The ladies question from the show triggered my memory of the gold fish
one day jumping out of the bowl---what was he thinking?
I imagined it might be similar to man rocketing into space from earth
and landing on someones kitchen floor!
I told this lady that in the beginning
the fish were on or in the blue vase.
Then they came out and swam across the canvas seemingly--
atop a swizzle stick. (The Sun Sang)
And more recently the fish are flying freely up and to the window.
(Mystery of Life #4)
Which strangely brings me to the topic the story
that I really wanted to tell this morning.
We were at the funeral service of a friend the other day.
It was before our trip to Arizona.
There was a beautiful song being sung
and I suddenly had the picture of all of us
on a ship waiting our turn to walk the plank.
But instead of being pushed off Captain Hook's ship
to the crocodiles in the dark waters--
This ship was afloat in the air
and when the turn came to each
we swan dived with joy into the other world!